Our Group Principles

Takahashi Group conducts research while adhering to these principles.

Shared value with the community

We believe that the information and knowledge we come across should also be shared with others and the community at large.

Open Source

We believe in open source code for transparency of our work. We hope people learn from codes and share the knowledge and skills with others.

Takahashi Group primarily develops code that fall under GPL or MIT licenses. You can read more about these licences here and here.

The official operating system used within Takahashi Group is Linux Mint.

Open Data

Anyone should be able to access scientific data. We strive to make our data open and to share it freely under open data licenses.

DIY & Building from Scratch

We at Takahashi Group build our servers and experimental equipment from scratch. In doing so, it is possible to understand the physical aspects that affect our research, allowing us to maximize the power that such machines are able to offer.

Learning from Failure

Science is all about failure. We report failures and all results honestly. Failed results are key towards success in science.

Open for Collaboration

We welcome collaborations with others. Please contact me (keisuke.takahashi[at]sci.hokudai.ac.jp) if you are interested collaborating with us.